Waves on the Shore (III)

Waves crashing on the shore,

A gentle whisper saying love endures.

Washing away the pain and loss,

While grace rescues the broken heart.


3 thoughts on “Waves on the Shore (III)

    1. Thank you so much!!! When I was first writing it, I had several endings that I liked and couldn’t decide on which one to use. Then I thought, why choose one? There are no rules to this haha. So there are two more coming although the last one ties them the previous ones together. I thought of it like a play, each day is a new scene or act I guess. That’s way more of a response than you needed lol, but thank you for your kind words!


      1. That’s a really good point about short poems, I never thought of it like that! Hey, long responses are good, I love talking to people on WordPress 🙂


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